Day: October 6, 2019

‘John Wick Hex’ Kills Us All at NYCC

If you don’t already love John Wick, what are you even doing on this website. In a blockbuster landscape littered with safe superheroes, we pledge ourselves to Keanu Reeves as the one true assassin god of legend. We’re still recovering from the knife party of this year’s John Wick 3.

When you think Keanu Reeves and video games, we don’t blame you if his breathtaking appearances in the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 is the first thing that comes to mind. But in just a few days, John Wick is coming to our controllers, too, and not just in Fortnite. While it wasn’t playable, at a New York Comic Con panel we learned more about the upcoming John Wick Hex.

A John Wick video game is an exciting enough concept on its own. It was at an earlier NYCC where we entered Wick’s world in VR. But what makes John Wick Hex especially exciting is that the developer, Mike Bithell, is an acclaimed indie creator in his own right. When the maker of Volume and Thomas Was Alone pitches you a murder strategy game, X-COM meets Superhot, you listen. But really, only something this abstract (just look at the stark graphic novel art style) could let us mere mortals even approach the power of playable John Wick.

Since the game is out in a few days, panelists Mike Bithell along with composer Austin Wintory (excited for a change in genre after his previous “lonesome and vulnerable” music) and voice actor Troy Baker (talented, but of course) were really just having a good time. But we did learn some more details about this weird licensed game they can’t believe Lionsgate actually accepted.

Baker was relieved to learn he wasn’t being asked to play John Wick and inevitably get compared to Keanu Reeves (who didn’t appear at the panel, sorry). Instead, he plays the villain Hex, who kidnaps Lance Reddick and Ian McShane to rebel against the rigid rules of John Wick’s criminal New York underworld.

Considering how tightly connected the plots of the movies are, Hex is a prequel set during Wick’s contract killer prime. But thematically it ties into some of themes of the third movie. Bithell got behind-the-scenes looks at the production of Parabellum, for story points and for some sick reference footage of stunts.

John Wick Hex launches on PC and Mac on October 8. It’ll only cost you one big coin. For more on NYCC check out our cosplay photo gallery and watch these trailers.